Communicating Sustainability

It's important.
The ability to demonstrate leadership in sustainability and environmental stewardship is crucial to being a resilient and successful organisation.
Telling this story isn't simple.
These issues are emotive subjects. Facts and figures are important, but sometimes they're less impactful than an engaging story.
Everyone's different.
Some will respond best to messages about economic opportunity and efficiency; others might respond to messages about justice or protecting the livelihoods of future generations.
So messages need to be tailored.
Sometimes your audience is a customer, sometimes it's an employee, sometimes it's your community. I help organisations to tailor their message accordingly.


Crystal Doors

Crystal Doors is a leading manufacturer of vinyl-wrapped doors and components for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. In 2020 they set out on a mission to become completely carbon neutral by 2022.
This is a radical goal. That needs to be reflected in Crystal Doors' message, but in a way that inspires other businesses to come along for the ride. It needs to be radical, but relatable.
With my support, Crystal Doors have established a core message and inspiring story, as well as write the technical documents they need to showcase their commitments to key stakeholders.

GC Business Growth Hub

I support the Business Growth Hub's environmental business service with content targeted at their core audience of small-to-medium sized manufacturers. 
Decision makers in small businesses tend to be extremely busy, time-poor and lacking the resources to take in big-picture issues like climate change, even if they want to.
Stories need to be based in their reality: how can doing the right thing improve their resilience? How can it make them more efficient, more innovative, more successful? These are the questions I help to answer.

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