Content Writing and Strategy

Things have changed.
Gone are the days when people relied on advertising and snappy one-liners to get their message across. Today content is king.
Tell a story.
Blogs, news stories, thought leadership, interviews and other forms of sharable storytelling are crucial for communicating with your audience and building relationships.
Follow a strategy.
Whether you need to inform and educate or persuade and inspire, I can help you to build a strategy and write engaging, readable content tailored to your needs.


GC Business Growth Hub

I've helped the Business Growth Hub to create well over 1,000 content pieces to educate businesses about a range of resource efficiency, green technologies and manufacturing topics.
In 2020, we re-designed their content strategy away from traditional news and 'by-the-numbers' case studies to longer, more engaging content focused on thought leadership, themed blogs and informal Q&A interviews.
The new strategy has given the Hub's advisors a platform to showcase their expertise, and the ability to tell original stories that inspire action.

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