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With several years of professional experience in the environment and sustainability sector, there’s very little that passes me by when it comes to the latest research and thinking.
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From policy and politics to science and statistics; whatever your question, I can find the answers and design research projects that deliver.


Gina Dowding MEP

In 2019, Green Party MEP Gina Dowding published her pioneering report on the Green New Deal in the North West, the Party’s first attempt to apply the policy concept to a specific UK region.
The report combined desktop research, data analysis and face-to-face interviews with experts in industry, academia and the public sector across the North West.
Designed to be readable and engaging for a non-expert audience, the report was publicly launched in October 2019 with a keynote address from Baroness Natalie Bennett of the House of Lords.


Environmental charity EMERGE 3Rs runs an innovative community wood recycling project in Manchester called Touch Wood.
To feed into a website and marketing refresh for the project, I delivered a in-depth market research project on the wood recycling sector in the UK.
I travelled around the country, from Brighton to Glasgow, interviewing key individuals and identifying opportunities for growth.
The resulting report provided a full overview of the current and future state of the sector, and fed into Touch Wood's new website and strategy.

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